Everything we know about Ditto

Ditto just recently arrived in Pokemon GO, so there’s only so much we know about the pink blob for now. The beautiful thing about this is trainers have come together to contribute to the ever-growing list of information about the Pokemon.


How to find Ditto

You catch Ditto like any other Pokemon in Pokemon GO: you find it in the wild, you lure it or it spawns due to Incense. However, you will not see a pink blob just hanging around in the park. You will see it disguised as another Pokemon and there’s no way of knowing if a certain creature in the map is Ditto.


The only way to learn is if you attempt to capture the Pokemon. You will know you have caught Ditto in the cutscene right before the score card appears. If you did not stick around during the animation, you can check your Pokedex. It’s entry #132, right before Eevee.

How Ditto affects the Pokedex

If you have unknowingly encountered a Ditto but it ran away or you did, it will not count towards your “Seen” Pokemon. That means that the only way of knowing that a monster that fled was actually it is someone else caught it and exclaimed, “I got Ditto!” That goes to say that Ditto appears the same for everyone. If four people all caught the creature that it shapeshifted into, then all four people will see it transform back into Ditto.

There are conflicting reports about this, though. One trainer in The Silph Road forum claimed that it registered as “Seen” in their Pokedex. More reports about this one are greatly appreciated, so don’t hesitate to drop by and share your thoughts.

How to yse it for battle

When you use Ditto for battle in Pokemon GO, it will automatically shapeshift into the first opponent. You don’t need to do anything; just wait for it to transform. Afterwards, you can then use the Quick Move and Charge Move of the Pokemon it transformed into. However, it will not change into the next Pokemon in the Pokemon GO gym.

Furthermore, no one gets hurt in a Ditto vs. Ditto battle. That is until you use Struggle or Ditto’s Charge Move to deal damage to the opponent. Switching another Pokemon to fight in its place, which will then cause the other Ditto to transform, does not work either. When you want to use yours again, it will be listed as fainted despite not having taken much damage at all, according to Otaku Kart.

Other things you need to know

You can equip Ditto as your Buddy Pokemon and it will take 3KM for it drop a candy. Although rare, you can catch multiple adorable blobs as well. With regards to the accessory Pokemon GO Plus, it will not register as a new Pokemon when caught for the first time. The green bulb will light up instead of yellow. Though it seems that we now know so much about Ditto, there’s still so much we don’t know and so many questions unanswered. If you know a secret that nobody hasn’t discovered yet, please share it with us in the comments below!

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