New Speed Limit May Be Removed Soon?

The mobile hit game “Pokemon GO” continues to offer great news and new features, but not all players like what they are getting, especially the new speed limit change.

There are some controversies tied to the PokeStop speed cap, particularly on passengers playing the mobile hit game. Many players complained that PokeStops are no longer commuter-friendly. People are claiming that they are not able to spin PokeStops while riding their vehicles.

Pokemon players will get the “I’m a passenger!” dialogue notification box to be able to continue playing Pokemon Go. However, if they try to spin a PokeStop, they will see the annoying message, “Please try again.” This, according to the developers, is to prevent players from getting distracted from the game while driving.


According to Polygon, Niantic Labs is making questionable decisions and that the developer is falling short to address problems, which leave players unanswered questions. Developer at Niantic Labs did apply something similar to the speed cap limit governing “Pokemon Go.” Pokemon sightings disappeared and players can now move faster than 25 mph. Even if players tried to click on the “I’m a passenger” message, PokeStops would be rendered useless for them and will respond with the simple, but annoying message “Please try again”.

The developer tried a ReCaptcha addition but it hardly addressed the safety precautions meant for people who are driving their cars. Still, the developers could be lauded for their recent efforts, but the point is that the features of the game still fell short in properly determining the drivers. In addition, there are also reports of Pokemon spawns no longer appearing to those people trying to catch while on the road.

Some Pokemon Go players have gone bad about this and went on to start a petition to remove the speed limit on PokeStop. The petition, which made possible through the website, has already amassed 1,556 supporters.

In other news, a revamped version of game’s nearby tracking features is already making its way to other territories. As detailed in Niantic blog post, beta testers in the Arizona, Seattle and San Francisco Bay areas could now try out the revamped nearby feature features, which said to give Pokemon players a more detailed and easiest way to find Pokémon.

Pokemon Go players can also keep track of the game via the Pokemon Go Facebook page… this page will provide players with the latest news and updates related to the Pokemon Go game.

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