Pokémon Coins

If you want to get Pokémon Coins if you’re bored claiming gyms and receiving only some coins each day, then this method is just for you! This method really works, it works for other games as well and people have been doing this for a really long time now!

How to get Pokémon Coins

Of course it is not that easy like “enter your username and get Coins” as you usually see, because it is a scam, and NEVER ever enter your username anywhere, Pokémon GO would never ask you to do so! By this method you will get real money with your devices and then you can use that money to buy Coins. The more devices you have, the move money you can get. You just need to tap on the link below to download application FeaturePoints on your device:

  • For iOS users, FreeMyApps only works on Safari so you will want to open the link above via your Safari.
  • For Android users, after visiting the link above, it will redirect you automatically to the Google Play page of FreeMyApps. You can download this application there.

Note: If you are using Apple devices, there will be an install profile page showing up and asking you to install a profile for this app. Simply tap on Install!

Pokémon Coins

Let’s open FreeMyApps! Your FreeMyApp homepage should look like this:

Pokémon Coins

As you can see, there is a list of apps there for you to download. Every app  will give you a decent number of points.

Let’s try to download our first app! Simply tap on it then tap on the yellow button Download!

Pokémon Coins

After tapping on the yellow button, you will be redirected to the download page immediately:

Pokémon Coins

After downloading, you should open that application for at least 1 minute so the system can track down that you have done the job properly. Sometimes, it takes up to 30 minutes before you can see your earned points. Patience is everything, but it will be worth waiting!

After finishing 2 jobs, you will have earned 112 points. You can trade 3000 points for the $10 Giftcard soon and get a lot of Pokémon Coins! You absolutely can get at least $5 every week by spending a few minutes everyday to download these apps.

Pokémon Coins

Once you have a decent number of points, tap on Redeem and choose reward you want to earn!

If you want to get more apps to download:

Once you’ve finished those jobs, you will notice, that it will take a few days for the new apps to show up. Don’t worry, there is another method on how to get more apps to download and after following this, most of the time, you will have enough points to get at least $5 stuffs!

First, you need to download HotspotVPN for free at here:


After downloading, you can easily see it on your device homescreen:

Pokémon Coins

Simply tap on it to open. If it asks you to install the app profile, just install it as we did before with FreeMyApps! The homescreen of HotspotVPN should be like this:

Pokémon Coins

Main purpose of this app is to change your IP address, FreeMyApps will misunderstand that you are from another country and will give you exclusive applications of another country. There are loads of countries you can use as you can easily see in the screenshot above. Once a counter is out of apps, you can swap to the another, so simple!

Okay fellow Pokémon Trainers, so that’s a great method for you to get Pokémon Coins. If you have any questions or know a better way of receiving Pokémon Coins, please share!

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