Pokemon Go is hiding a secret!

“There’s one out there right now and we’ll see how that plays out over the course of the next few weeks.” Says John Hanke CEO of Niantic.

Niantic’s popular game on the smartphones, Pokemon Go, is currently hiding a secret that apparently remains undiscovered. After speaking to GamesRadar, Niantic CEO teased that Pokemon Go will “always” have secrets embedded in the app because the studio is continually adding new secrets.

Asked if this new secret, whatever it may be, was added to Pokemon Go in its new Halloween update, Hanke wouldn’t budge. “I am not giving you any clues,” he said.

Pokemon Go’s Halloween update came out at the end of October, with its special content and features having wrapped up on November 1. More recently, Niantic updated Pokemon Go this week with a new daily catch bonus feature. Players quickly mined that update and discovered references to more than 100 new Pokemon, though it’s unclear if this is the secret that Hanke was alluding to.

In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic has kicked off a new limited-time promotion whereby players will find more Pokemon in the world, while PokeStops will have even more items available. This runs until November 11.

Anyone has any ideas on what secret it might be? Pokemon tracking, Gen 2? Leave your opinion in the comments and discuss!

Pokemon Go players can also keep track of the game via the Pokemon Go Facebook page… this page will provide players with the latest news and updates related to the Pokemon Go game.

Source: Gamespot

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