Problems when opening the app after an update

We’ve noticed that some trainers are having problems with their screens, when opening the app. This doesn’t seem to be limited to one particular phone, as both players with iOS and Android, seem to be experiencing this.

What is happening is that when some players are opening their game, their screens then become completely blank, nothing, not even the map appears.


As you can imagine this is really annoying but don’t worry it can be fixed, sort of fixed that is.

With a number of players seeing this happen to them, it means there are a lot of people with different ways of going around the glitch, the main way to fix it is to turn your phone off and on again, but sometimes that doesn’t even work. For example some players who tried this, seem to never go past the loading screen after when the phone is turned back on, from there they have to continue turning their phone off and on again, until something happens.


So there are other ways to go around this too, by clicking on the screen repeatedly also can make a difference sometimes, but that’s also not a guarantee fix. As mentioned before this problem is being experienced by a lot of players all around the world, so hopefully Niantic can fix this soon.

This problem has reportedly been happening for some time now, according to players on Reddits The Silph Road, so if you are experiencing this, all you can do really, is hope that Niantic fix it during the next update. But that may be some time away sadly, with Niantic being quite busy with the Christmas event being extended.

Have you been experiencing this glitch? Or maybe a friend of yours is? Please let us know in the comments below.

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